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On booting up Windows, a dialog popups saying "Your System Does Not Appear to Have Intel Rapid Start Technology Enabled". 'Intel Rapid Start Technology Manager' won't open from Start menu either.

This error probably occured as a result of resizing C drive to create a new parition using Easeus Partition Manager. This happened in the full SSD model.


1. First, boot into BIOS and verify that 'Intel Smart Response Technology' is selected. For this,

 a. Press F2 while booting the laptop (before Windows starts loading).
 b. Navigate to the 'Advanced' tab. Set 'SATA Operation' to 'Intel Smart Response Technology', if its not already selected.

2. After booting into Windows, launch Windows Power Shell with admin privileges (default command line utility should also be fine).

Type the following commands:


    select disk 0

    list partition

The output should look similar to the below image:

1-Initial Diskpart Output

Initial diskpart output


3. Keep in mind that partition 7 and 8 (and most likely 4) are recovery related. These shouldn't be touched unless you don't want them taking up space. Partition 9 (of type 'unknown' is what we need to target for this issue). Note down parition 9's size so that we can easily identify it in the next step.

4. In Run, type 'compmgmt.msc' and press enter.

5. Go to 'Disk Management'. Confirm that the 8 GB partion is shown there.


Disk Management ouput

6. Right click and choose 'Delete Volume'. You must be absolutely certain that you are deleting the right partition. If you are  unsure, don't delete it without confirming with somebody.

7. Now go back to Power Shell. Type the following commands.

a.list disk
    Make sure that under the 'Free' column, it shows 8 GB (the space freed up as a result of the partition deleted in step 6).

b. select disk 0 

c. create partition primary

d. detail disk
    It should show the newy created 8 GB partition with a volume number (say '4'). It should also say 'Fs' as 'RAW'.

e. select volume 4

f. set id=D3BFE2DE-3DAF-11DF-BA40-E3A556D89593
   Note that while searching for a solution for this issue, I came across some posts that suggested to use 'set id=84 override' as step 7f. 
  That  just gave me an error.

h. exit

7. Reboot. Launch 'Intel Rapid Start Technology Manager' from Start menu. Verify that 'Intel Rapid Start Technology' is set to 'ON'.


Even though this method resolved the error, I noticed that putting the laptop in sleep mode took lot more time (1+ minutes as opposed to the few seconds it used to take before I did this fix). Setting 'Intel Rapid Start Technology' to 'OFF' (see step 7) and a reboot made the sleep mode as fast as before.