Too ExpensiveEdit

With initial asking prices between $1800 and $2350 on Dell's website, many shoppers want to know how to shave some of Dell's profit margin off the top.  Below are the suggestions offered thus far:

  • 10% VIP voucher (benefits for partner organizations and companies in the UK)
  • Buy from Costco.  Only the top-tier configuration is offered through Costco, but at a price $350 less than Dell offers for the same configuration.  Downside?  Cannot get Dell's on-site service plan.  But you can get the Square Trade off-site service plan for just $99 (though it stops after paying out $1400 in claims).
  • Claim a student discount.
  • Leverage an organizational relationship such as military service, university affiliation, or corporate affiliation.
  • Use your MasterCard to make your purchase if you are in parts of Asia where these promotions exist (as of December 2013, discounts up to 15% existed through this deal in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India)
  • If you purchased it directly from Dell, sometimes attempting to return it can result in a discount.  One user claimed to have been offered $200 off a system that was already $250 below list price, after attempting to return the device when hit with buyer's remorse.
  • In Australia, apparently it is possible to obtain a 13% discount on an XPS 15 during a phone order by providing an RACV number.  Alternatively, a 15% discount is available in Australia by submitting a educator number.  I am unclear what that is or who might qualify to obtain or use one.  Anyone able to correct this bullet point?  Anyhow, at least one user claims that, after haggling, a Dell rep on the phone offered to sell a top-tier XPS 15 for AU$2420 (down from the listed price of AU$2999).