Some buyers have experienced issues with address labels.  In one case, Dell had goofed up the address on the label, rendering it essentially undeliverable.  In another case, delays in fulfillment meant that the computer was going to be shipped after the buyer had moved to a new address.  The concern is that Dell resists expedient fixes for this sort of mistake.

Possible ExplanationEdit

On NotebookReview's forum, Thumpste posted the following comment (06 November 2013):

"Just chiming in to shed some light on your situation as I used to work there and know first hand. They're really not dicking you around when they insist they can't change the address at this point. There is an extremely short window between when the order is made and when it goes into production when they can change the address. After that, for whatever reason, it is literally impossible to do with the way Dell's ordering system is arranged. (Well technically customer care can update the address but that message will never make it to the people who stick on the shipping label, so it would do no good and cause more headaches).
"Once it goes into production literally your only options are to either replace the order with the correct info, which will delay it by resetting everything. Or have Customer Care re-route it at Dell's cost through the shipping carrier as soon as it invoices. That will usually delay it a few days through the shipper. No good answer either way, unfortunately.
"Is it a good system? Not really. But is is all they have. "