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How to Configure for Dolby Theater Sound

(The following audio hack was posted by djklmnop to the user forum at NotebookReview on 14 December 2013):

For use with XPS 12 and XPS 15
This final release fixes all the bugs and Dolby v4 works perfectly now.
I created a walkthrough in the package. Read it carefully, the instructions have changed tremendously:
LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jh5u4eh5x0...2012142013.zip
All previous versions will be taken down.
By the way, the MIC for some reason crashes when the Realtek Microphone Technology turned on. Go into Dell Audio in control panel and turn it off. Most programs like Skype use their own noise cancellation technology, so this is not important to have on. (On 11 December 2013, djklmnop posted the following updated audio hack to the user forum at NotebookReview.com:)

v02 was still Crashing. So updated to v03 where I merged some DLL files from Dell's original software. Haven't had a single loss of sound.
Installation instructions are the same.
Be sure to disable all sound enhancements except for Dolby Home Theater; and in control panel, the DELL AUDIO menu is now available.
Uninstall your previous driver, then download and run CCleaner and do a registry clean to avoid string conflicts. Then follow the instructions provided previously. In the compressed file, instructions are available as well.
LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...2012102013.zip
Quick overview of installation:
1. Uninstall existing Realtek Audio driver
2. Download CCleaner and clean your registry.
3. Reboot into option 7 to disable driver enforcement.
4. Install DTPC.msi and ONLY select "Install Assets".
5. Update the audio driver through Device Manager and look in folder #2 under /Vista64/ --- Accept the install when warning message comes up.
6. Go to Control Panel and run Dell Audio to bring up the sound options.
7. Under Speaker/Headphone, turn off MAXAUDIO and SRS
8. In the Advanced tab, under Jack Information, uncheck the "..popup dialog" box option. Close the Dell Audio menu.
9. Go to your Windows Start menu and type Dolby. Click on Dolby Tuner and Profile Creator.
10. On the row that shows ALL TUNING + PROFILE, click on Import.
11. Go to Folder #3 and choose the "DJKLMNOP XPS 12 v03.inx" profile.
By the way, 16bit 48000hz sounds best in version 03

(Older versions:)

Dolby Home Theater v4 EQ for XPS 12 & XPS 15 (Haswell)
I haven't gotten any sleep and it's 6:00am now, but I finally got it working. Leveraging Gamespirit's Realtek mod in conjunction with the Lenovo X220 Dolby HT4 hacked drivers, I merged the relevant files to trick the realtek drivers into thinking it's Dolby HT v4 even when our chip only supports Dolby HT v2.
I will post a walkthrough PDF when I have some time to put one together, but I'll quickly go over the instructions.
LINK TO FILE: Link removed, updated to v02
In the ZIP file there are three folders and they are numbered. Obviously you will need to start at 1
Before you start, remove your existing sound driver software and uninstall the realtek drivers, then REBOOT.
Item #1 - Dolby Home Theater FIles
1. Reboot into option 7 disabling driver enforcement.
2. In folder 1, run the DTPC.msi file; and when asked what to install, ONLY check "Install asset files."
Do not reboot just yet. Go to Item #2.
Item #2 - Realtek Drivers
1. Go to Device Manager in your windows Control Panel.
2. Update the sound driver and manually locate the drivers and point it to the \Vista64\ folder.
3. Once the drivers have been installed, right click on the Volume icon in your tray (next to your clock) and choose Playback Devices.
4. Double click on the Realtek device.
5. Go to the SRS tab and disable it.
6. Go to the Advanced tab and change the sample rate to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). I've tested this thoroughly and the higher sampling rate degrades the bass and presents a lot of grainynes and distortion to the sound.
7. Click OK and reboot.
Item #3 - Load my Dolby Preset:
1. Click on the Windows Start menu and type Dolby. Choose the Dolby Tuning and Profile Creator app.
2. When it comes up, On the ALL TUNING + PROFILES row, click on Import.
3. Import the file DJKLMNOP XPS 12.inx found under folder #3.
Here's how I had set it up:
- Movie Mode is for Movies using earphones and speakers
- Music Mode is for Music using earphones and speakers
- GAME Mode is for Movies using speakers
Turning on the SURROUND VIRTUALIZER sounds terrible. Because of the chipset incompatability, it throws a huge amount of echo that ruins the sound. That's why I only set it for preset GAME, just in case you want to use it for the laptop speakers. But even when turned all the way down its extremely echo-ish.
Lastly, clicking on HEADPHONE for the virtualizer won't do anything for you. Most true Dolby HT v4 chipset have two separate profiles, so when you plug in the headphone it switches to it. So in this case, SPEAKER means speakers and headphones.
Lastly Lastly, when you click on the options icon on the Dolby tray, it won't do anything because it thinks it's v2. If you want to make changes, open the Dolby Profile Creator.

(On 10 December 2013, djklmnop posted the following update/correction:)

Dolby Home Theater v4 EQ for XPS 12 & XPS 15 (Haswell) v02
The first version was buggy and I found that the sound would not recover from sleep, and some programs and sites such as youtube would kill the sound entirely.
v02 contains the latest driver and includes the Dell sound interface (in control panel) as well.
LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...2012102013.zip
Before starting, you NEED to download CCleaner and clean the registry. This will prevent you from running into issues on your new install. And after you reboot, you should run it a second time. Then do the installation.
Installation remains the same as previous, only once you are done installing, go to the Realtek sound icon on your task tray. Right click on it and go to Sound Manager. This should bring up the Dell Audio properties. Do the following:
1. turn off SRS
2. turn off MaxxAudio
3. Go to the advanced tab and under Jack Information, uncheck the Enable Auto Popup box.
Now you have the cleanest sound that gets equalized by Dolby and it sounds really great once you load my settings.
I also lowered the Dolby Gain since the new drivers sound really nice and loud.

UPDATE: If you've already installed this without running CCleaner, I highly recommend uninstalling the driver and running CCleaner, then reinstall the driver.