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Again, early stages here and I am not the source of the content (which at present is being plagiarized almost entirely from posts by ajax-jp to the NotebookReview user forum), which means I don't really understand the content I am placing here.  As such,  I cannot readily see where the gaps are.  I welcome any contributions or suggestions visitors may have (to this or any other page on this wiki)!  From my limited understanding, the XPS 15 ships with a display profile that Dell (and/or Sharp) feels is adequate for the diversity of behavior exhibited by the new IGZO displays.  Please note that the profile shared by ajax-jp below was calibrated to that *one* sample and may or may not improve your display behavior over the standard Dell profile.  As with all changes, you are encouraged to back up any factory settings or files before proceeding.  In this case, you are also encouraged to seek out calibration equipment (borrow/rent/buy, depending on your level of need and the options available to you) and generate a profile for *your* specific sample.

Calibrating Your IGZO QHD+ Display

(The following text is being reproduced from a post ajax-jp put on the NotebookReview user forum on 14 November 2013, and is specific to Windows users.):

Ok.. I got the calibration to work properly this time.
If you want to use it, you must do the following:
1. Go into Windows Mobility Center (Execute control /name Microsoft.MobilityCenter from the Command Prompt to access Windows Mobility Center directly) and turn off vivid mode.
2. Download the attached zip'd ICM file and unzip it to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color
3. Go into Color Management (Start, type Color Management) and add the profile. Set it as the default profile. In 7 you had to change the system defaults as well, but I haven't seen a need to do that so far in 8/8.1.
If you leave vivid mode on, it will corrupt this profile and everything will look very red. I don't know why that happens, but don't do it.
This calibration was done for 180 cd/m, which is approximately 60% brightness on the dell. It looks good at all levels regardless.
This was done with a spyder 3 pro, so I didn't have as much at my disposal adjustment wise as I would with a 4 or an iRite. Oh well. It looks good for what it is.

XPS-15-QUH-NV.zip (same as the hyperlink embedded in the text above)