This page will contain information about swapping the battery of your low- or mid-tier XPS15 (9530) out for a higher capacity battery (61 wHr -> 91wHr) or changing a top tier model to support multiple hard drives (mSATA + SATA).  Currently the parts are not publicly available, but should be soon according to this post by user teh_crab on

As someone currently going through the process now I will update you as to where I stand.
Our company has just purchased a number of XPS 15 (9530)'s as a replacement to our older Dell Laptops - the mid-tier version was decided upon (1TB + 32gb Cache mSATA accompanied by the 61WHr 6-Cell Battery) because we work closely with a SSD supplier and have already sourced them (why spend $500+ upwards on the top tier etc). I have been tasked with removing both the 32gb mSATA and the 1TB and replacing it with the upcoming Samsung Evo mSATAs and the 'upgrade' to the 91WHr 6-Cell Battery.
I have been in discussions with Dell AU (I can almost guarantee a US resident would have a much easier time) since before Christmas and have finally gotten onto a 'superior' who understands both me, and my company's situation. The latest information to date (this morning) was that the 91Whr 6-Cell Batteries (Part Number: 7D1WJ if anyone is interested) are indeed in stock HOWEVER, since all XPS's are covered by atleast a one year warranty they have not had/see the 'need' to look at selling either the 61WHr/91WHr batteries separately yet (however he mentioned he has already had three separate requests, other than mine, for after-market sale in the last week).
He has told me that he is urging his superiors to look into the matter, have the batteries added to their 'Sales System' (which FYI has a different Part Number when it goes from replacement to sale) which will open the flood gates for us .
I hope this has helped understand the situation better - I'd love to hear other peoples experiences/success stories!


Currently the only information available is that the part number is 7D1WJ.  The parts between the XPS15 (9530) and Precision M3800 should be compatible.

dell battery parts
Model Part # Capacity Typical Life $USD $AUD
top-tier 7D1WJ 91 wHr (9-cell) 7-9 hours ~$160? ?
low/mid-tier ?? 61 wHr (6-cell) 3.5-5 hours ? ?

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PrplHaz4 NotebookReview PM My 61wHr + 2nd HDD hw for your 91wHr 2/16/2014


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